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Carro Armato P43 (Bis)- Resin

Carro Armato P43 (Bis)- Resin

$ 37.00

The P43 was an Italian heavy tank, remained at the draft stage and developed parallel to the P26/40 tank. The P43 or P30/43 was developed by FIAT and Ansaldo simultaneously with P26/40, which was supposed to be a heavier version. The vehicle, in fact, would have weighed 30 tons and would have mounted an engine of 420 hp. The gun was the same as the P26 - the 75/34 mm cannon. However still in the design phase was proposed the 90/42 gun derived from anti-aircraft cannone 90/53, or the 105/25 mm cannon mounted on semoventi.

Product Highlights:
- Produced in collaboration with Heer46
- All resin kit
- Highly detailed
- Factory cleaned
- Includes both short 90/42 & long 90/53 gun

Product Code: 282004
Number of Parts: 9 pieces

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