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~American GI- Pewter 60mm

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An American squad leader standing at the beachhead of Salerno, Italy, during Operation Avalanche, September 1943. Probably the second or third wave reinforcement to secure the gained ground. Uniform was standard M1937 wool field shirt and trousers, M1941 field jacket, M1938 leggings and service boot and M1 helmet with nettings. Webbing includes M1924 personal dressing, M1910 canteen, M1911A1 .45 Colt with holster as a personal sidearm and M1 bayonet for close combat; 5 x 20 round clip with pouch for his .45 Thompson M1A1 submachine gun. Personal belonging was put inside the M1936 musette bag with M1910 entrenching tool in the exterior.

Product Highlight:
- 1/30 (60mm) Scale
- Cast in pewter
- All hand painted
- Limited edition, only 200 produced worldwide
- Come packaged in a quality gift box & certificate

Product Code: 601002