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~Stoessi's Heroes British Navy Beach Master and Captain Colin Maud- Pewter

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Captain Colin Douglas Maud was a Royal Navy officer who during the Second World War commanded the destroyers Somali and Icarus and acted as beach master of Juno beach at the D-day landings. With a heavy black beard, he "possessed the outward appearance of a latter-day buccaneer and was endowed with exceptional boldness and tenacity to go with it". His blackthorn stick and dog Winnie provided an image when portrayed by Kenneth More in the film The Longest Day. He was described as "one of the most popular officers in the British Navy".

British Navy Beach Master & Captain in 28mm – great for Bolt Action and other WW2 wargames.

This miniature is cast in white metal* and shipped without a base.

Material: White Metal
Number of parts: 4
Note: The miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly.