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~Stoessi's Heroes US Airborne Technician Fourth Grade- Eugene Gilbert Roe, Sr.- Pewter

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US Airborne Technician Fourth Grade Eugene Gilbert Roe, Sr.

Roe was one of Easy Company's medics and by the time they went into Carentan, Roe was already a seasoned veteran, able to patch and diagnose wounds in a methodical way.

Roe participated in Operation Market Garden and jumped into the Netherlands.

He also took part in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne. Allied supplies were low and Roe had to go from man to man to get more supplies. In the extreme cold weather, he had to tuck plasma bottles into his armpits to keep them from freezing.

US Airborne Technician Fourth Grade in 28mm – great for Bolt Action and other WW2 wargames.

This miniature is cast in white metal* and shipped without a base.

Material: White Metal

Number of parts: 2

Note: The miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly.